Sunday, 17 May 2009

Party poodle PARTY!!

Ok, I know that title makes no real sense. But yes.

I'm still in New York. Having a blast.
The other night I hit up Melo-X's bday party, down @ Sutra. I loved the vibes. The Bashment set killed it!!

But lets fast forward. So all my females know bout when your weave gets a bit to much. You wash it right? To restore that airbreeze flow kinda feel into it. Errm yea. So that's what I did. But since I'm out here in New York, I have NO hair dryer! I had to drip dry that ish! OHHH MY!!

I firstly started off like this...

Where's the problem you ask? There wasn't one.

Until after a couple of hours I ended up like this!

Lookin' like a true f*ckin' poodle! WTF. No pun intended. But come on. I looked like a midget Cher meets Chaka Khan.
None the less. I was like whatever. I thought let me hop in a cab, since it's 2am in the morning, Bonnie and I really wasnt feeling the train.

Called up car service "Hey I'd like a price check for Bushwich to lower Manhattan".
Car person customer advisor person, "That would be $50".
I was like...


Fugg dat, called up another, paid a nice $23 and set out...

Roxy's party was the ish!!

OWWWW!! GET ITT! I had to rest

P.S This is called the 'Hula hoop' skirt. I made it. I'm gonna start sellin em in June! WATCH THIS SPACE!!

The crowd was gettttttttin it!! So was Airee!! I wish I had a pic of her! DAMN IT!!

None the less. I love it here!
I wanna live here. Better yet I'm gonna live here. Real soon!
Watch this fuckin space!

Shamz Le Roc, singin' out!

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