Friday, 31 July 2009

That Pus*y real good!

It's been a while!
A long long while.

It's almost like I've been ghost since the death of M.J!
I've actually been taking a lot of time to ponder about things.

None the less I'm good. Feeling good, feeling reat.
How are you? LOL.

I got my sewing mojo back!
Scenario: Nothing to wear. 24 hours to go. What to do? Well?...

I was up early hours in the morning ebaying (that's a WHOLE DIFFERENT POST!) and came across this dress...

I was like KAPLOW! Thats THE ONE!
All my ladies know about THE ONE! It's when you know you've found THE ONE! haha.

SO yes. The bidding didnt finish till the next day. So I thought FUG IT! I'm going to make this dress.

Went down to the market in the morning, copped some stretch denim material, 3 hours later...

(my facial expression looked awful) lol

Ok I know it doesn't look EXACTLY like it! But I was pretty pleased with the outcome. I'm gonna add some MORE shoulder pads to it though... And I know theres a tidday overload going on there. Sorry. haha. I really didnt plan that...

So yea. The night was great! DJ C-SCAR killed it all night. Shout out to; Miss Dee (My CO-D), The Baker Boys, Onome, Smurfie Syco for all coming down :) mwahh.

As I said support the single when it comes out. 'Retro' - Kele Le Roc. AUGUST 17TH!

The goodie bags were GREAT!
They gave away free Pussy!

It's this new Energy Drink made out of 100% natural juices, well so they say anyway. I thought it was cool. It's got that Ginseng taste - which is actually one of the ingredients. Not too sure when it hits the shops thought :-/

Life's been good!

I copped these dope ass glasses thats I'm ever so proud of and love ever so much. When I saw 'em I had to get them because they reminded me of Cazals! Which I love so much but are on the pricy side!


OK, I'm hitting Boom Bye Bye tomorrow. One of my BESTEST HOMIES! Bonnie! Is coming down all the way from Bristol to kick it with me! I havent seen her in a while! So I cant wait.

I'm gonna make something for tomorrow too. Something realllll simple though. Pencil skirt maybe? Hrmm.

Anywhoo! Until then people.


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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Gone to soon...

I tuned in to MJ's memorial service today.

I was truely moved. Stevie touched my soul as his voice roared up to the heavens. I swear I dont think I've ever felt a performance by him before.

Usher's 'Gone to Soon', it moved me. It actually made me cry.

But who got me was Paris. She made the tears roll. I'm glad she spoke. She let every reporter/person/pig who has tried to deface or discredit Michael's parenting skills and persona, she let them know that he was 'the best daddy in the world'.

R.I.P Michael Jackson. My inspiration. I shall continue to be inspired by you as I make my music, I have learnt so much from your legacy.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Where is she?

I'll never for that Episode of 'My Wife n Kids', this little girl blew me away! Tornado style

Check her at the Apollo also in 2002.

Where is she now?! HELPPP!

Friday, 3 July 2009

The Breast I ever Had

Drake's first official video is here for 'The Best I Ever Had'.

Directed by the one and only, Mr Kanye West.
Now, I've seen alot of rants about this video but I actually dont think it's that bad. I can see the irony and find it quite funny. Especially when Drake does his coach break down part. LOL. Anywhoo. If you haven't seen it already, ENJOY!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


This intense heat.
I'm loving it.
It's a strange thing.

When its cold, you beg for heat.
When its hot you still complain.

Mother nature has a hard job. haha.


I remember the cold-ish day I experienced in New York.
I took this pic. It was aimed at mother nature...

Come find me. I'll be shaded out. In the east of London somewhere.