Friday, 29 May 2009


After a very productive trip to New York.
Im Back in London.
With shit loads to do. But none the less. It's a working' progress.

Just a quick update.
All my Londoners you NEED to get out to Cargo tomorrow night (May 30th) to see my homie Maluca perform!! Shes currently rippin' up the New York down towns cene with her song 'El Tigerso'.

Check her out @
Maluca Mala

See you there!!!

p.s I havent finished blogged completely about New York as yet...

Thursday, 21 May 2009

A picture speaks a thousand words!

They truthfully do.

Remember my friend Mike Schreiber I told ya'll about?
Well, he's having a photo exhibition down @ 139 west, 14st until friday, showcasing all the DOPE pictures he's taken.
Ranging from Nas, Common, Biggies Mom, Beanie Segal and many more! It's definitely something you have to check out!!

This is Mike...

This is Mike and I

You can also see a sneak pic of his pictures. His portfolio is CRAZY! With over 12 years of experiences, ya can't fugg with that homie!! haha

I've also been papped by the one and only TONE!!!!

and again...

My homie Melodeck on the left has the perfect pose. On some model vibe. Look how his head and arm is an exact right angle. Ok am I getting carried away?.. Damn!

But yes. My time is closing in upon me. With a mere 5 days left. UGHHH. What to do what do!!
America seems like the land for everything... Well this store has an exception.

Whats the problem with the picture you ask? WELL. There aint no fuggin' Cheetos. They had no branded crisps (potato chips). No Lays, No Doritos. Nothing! Just a bunch of bargain bucket crisps. UGHH!
I dunno man, I just dunno.

None the less. Oh yes. My tees will be out on the 28TH May!!!
Heres a sneak peak at a special edition one

N im out!! peaceeeeeee

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Party poodle PARTY!!

Ok, I know that title makes no real sense. But yes.

I'm still in New York. Having a blast.
The other night I hit up Melo-X's bday party, down @ Sutra. I loved the vibes. The Bashment set killed it!!

But lets fast forward. So all my females know bout when your weave gets a bit to much. You wash it right? To restore that airbreeze flow kinda feel into it. Errm yea. So that's what I did. But since I'm out here in New York, I have NO hair dryer! I had to drip dry that ish! OHHH MY!!

I firstly started off like this...

Where's the problem you ask? There wasn't one.

Until after a couple of hours I ended up like this!

Lookin' like a true f*ckin' poodle! WTF. No pun intended. But come on. I looked like a midget Cher meets Chaka Khan.
None the less. I was like whatever. I thought let me hop in a cab, since it's 2am in the morning, Bonnie and I really wasnt feeling the train.

Called up car service "Hey I'd like a price check for Bushwich to lower Manhattan".
Car person customer advisor person, "That would be $50".
I was like...


Fugg dat, called up another, paid a nice $23 and set out...

Roxy's party was the ish!!

OWWWW!! GET ITT! I had to rest

P.S This is called the 'Hula hoop' skirt. I made it. I'm gonna start sellin em in June! WATCH THIS SPACE!!

The crowd was gettttttttin it!! So was Airee!! I wish I had a pic of her! DAMN IT!!

None the less. I love it here!
I wanna live here. Better yet I'm gonna live here. Real soon!
Watch this fuckin space!

Shamz Le Roc, singin' out!

Friday, 15 May 2009

New York - the story so far


BLOODFIYAH, BOMBARARSE. And all other Jamaican cuss words I've picked up from my Dad over the past 19 years.

So, I've been in New York for the past week, still two more to go! It has been ABSOLUTELY crazy. In a good way of course. I love it here!

The first night. I met up with my girl Maluca and we partied. Thats right, straight off the plane and to a party. On some Diddy shit. lool Kidding

I also met up with my homie DJ KKingdom. He's a beast on the decks and the keys! Wuvv you boy!!

Friday we partied it up @ Santos. That's the joint.

(Thats my friend Lucky, he has an infatuation with retro stuff)

I met Q TIP! He's hasnt aged at all!

(We took a pic pully crazy faces. Tip went a bit too crazy. lool)

Now, I'm not one for hair styles and ish. I'm lazy like that. But I have a newly found do.

(The Donald Trump)

Wednesday gone we hit Sway, 305 Spring St. It was dope!! I would recommend it!! I also performed there. Shout outs to KKingdom!

It was my first EVER performance. Like EVER, doing one of my own songs. So New York basically took my virginity, Imma be calling ya'll soon for Chile' support.

(Everybody say OWWWWWWW!!)

(Aire and I, the way she does make up is FA BU LOUS!)

( Contessa and I. Shes sooo cute! I love her coz she's my height!!)

Oh yea, and off the back off the Sway performance. I got booked for another show. On the 23rd! I'll swing ya'll the info later.

Wednesday we hit Happy Endings. And I wore a belly top for the first time since I was like 4.

Other than that, I've just been chillin' acting a fool.

And shaping my future.

I stil got 11 days to go. BUT I dont EVER wanna go home!! ARGHH!!

We'll speak soon though, I have loads more to tell you all!

Shamz xx

Thursday, 7 May 2009


Thats not how you spell gwakamolie, but anywhoo.

Just a quick update, it's been a while. I'm terribly sorry. Things just begain to
SPIRAL outta control.

I shot a promo video.

It'll be with you 18th MAY (THIS SUNDAY!)

I wrapped up another track for my E.P, 'Cinderfella'.

It's 4.13am and I need to be up at 8am.

Im going to New York for 3 weeks tomorrow. My flights at 2pm.

But yet I'm awake blogging, because I want to keep you all in the loop. I promise I will most definitely get some pics of what I've been up to. Bear with me.

Here's a picture of me in the meantime

n add me on if you havent already!!!