Friday, 15 May 2009

New York - the story so far


BLOODFIYAH, BOMBARARSE. And all other Jamaican cuss words I've picked up from my Dad over the past 19 years.

So, I've been in New York for the past week, still two more to go! It has been ABSOLUTELY crazy. In a good way of course. I love it here!

The first night. I met up with my girl Maluca and we partied. Thats right, straight off the plane and to a party. On some Diddy shit. lool Kidding

I also met up with my homie DJ KKingdom. He's a beast on the decks and the keys! Wuvv you boy!!

Friday we partied it up @ Santos. That's the joint.

(Thats my friend Lucky, he has an infatuation with retro stuff)

I met Q TIP! He's hasnt aged at all!

(We took a pic pully crazy faces. Tip went a bit too crazy. lool)

Now, I'm not one for hair styles and ish. I'm lazy like that. But I have a newly found do.

(The Donald Trump)

Wednesday gone we hit Sway, 305 Spring St. It was dope!! I would recommend it!! I also performed there. Shout outs to KKingdom!

It was my first EVER performance. Like EVER, doing one of my own songs. So New York basically took my virginity, Imma be calling ya'll soon for Chile' support.

(Everybody say OWWWWWWW!!)

(Aire and I, the way she does make up is FA BU LOUS!)

( Contessa and I. Shes sooo cute! I love her coz she's my height!!)

Oh yea, and off the back off the Sway performance. I got booked for another show. On the 23rd! I'll swing ya'll the info later.

Wednesday we hit Happy Endings. And I wore a belly top for the first time since I was like 4.

Other than that, I've just been chillin' acting a fool.

And shaping my future.

I stil got 11 days to go. BUT I dont EVER wanna go home!! ARGHH!!

We'll speak soon though, I have loads more to tell you all!

Shamz xx

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