Sunday, 12 April 2009

Are you a funky buddha?

Wow, my night last night was...

So I started off in Good spirits.

(c'mon! everybody takes a pic just before they leave the house!)

The original plan was to hit Living Proof @ Market Place. And get 'hypy' to some hip hop. But our plans were crushed when security stopped letting people in due to over capacity. We got there about 10, nucca please. We was like whatever! A lil bummed n shit though... My friend Ema had told us about his cousins celebration at Funky Buddha's @ Mayfair.

Now, that's not my kind of rave. I've never been there before but from what I know it's meant to be the uptight, snooty, WAG's type of club. None the less, we went. Got in. V.I.P, everything was cool. They was on that techno ish. I was like wtf. But as the night progressed it got a bit more 'urban'. LOOL. I heard some Akon, Ciara, Lil Wayne. Bonnie, Aika, Jaimie and I was like OWWWW!!


The vibe was there (or was it the alcohol?). I'll give it to em. It was cool. And they completely trampled on all my pressumptions about the club. Everyone was cool. No funny looks nothing.

(This picture is meant to exemplify my point. loool)

People just came out to have a good time and chill. With a funky house and bashment dj, Funky Buddha would most definitely be a cool spot. lool.

Ema THANK YOU for saving the night.

(I love my friends)

So this blog is just to say, sometimes in life, an assumption isnt enough. Test it out and make your own verdict. You never know what you may find. That goes for a person, a place, food, WHATEVER! Expand your minds people.


(Disagree and I'll fight ya!)


Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Shoe Post

We all have a pair of them shoes that are ever so beautiful but a damn right pain! It's like a must have for every woman. Dope ass to die for footwear that could kill your ass in a second.

Here's a few of em

YSL influcenced. Although I think these look better, slap me if you want. It's just Ive seen the YSL's rocked in tooooo many wack ways to care anymore. But they are still dope. I suppose...

This is what I'm talking about. Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B collection.


Brian Atwood. The colours here are perfect for summer.

Whatever your shoe choice Ladies, please ensure you can handle whatever the shoe physically brings your way. Once you purchase a pair of shoes, you are making a deal between your feet and your shoes. You are surrending your pain threshold.

So if you cant take the pain. Don't buy them.
I dont wanna see any of this

This lady wisked her shoes of at the train station and walked bare feet because she simply couldnt take the pain of her KITTEN HEELS! Yes I said KITTEN HEELS!

Here's another...

Man, I love the invention of the camera phone.


SMooches!! x

Monday, 6 April 2009

"I loveeeee a man who can whine"

Hrmmmm. Yes but no but.
LOL No really. I most definitely love boys with rhythm you know.
A guy who can two step, pop/lock, krump, clown, so longs as he doesn't look like he's going to drown. It's all good by me.

But it seems since this Chris Brown, 'Take You Down' video, there's been a new phenomenon of male belly dancers. Yes, I said belly dancers! Sounds absurd. But really. I dunno.

By all means express yourself, whine, do your thing... But... Damn, I'm lost for words. Ok watch this and tell me how you feel

the guy @ 0.40 secs, tell me he doesn't look like a newly born Terodactyl or some ish...

Hrmmm. I mean I love a dude that can dance. But this ... this... hrmm....

Poke Her Face

Just listen to this

'Poke Her Face' - Kid Cudi, Kanye West & Common

CUDI! This sample is actually cool.
It did make me laugh at first, but you can't go wrong some with Cudi, Kanye and Common on a track. That's like a rasta messin' up with weed (Shout out to my Jamaicans). How is that possible?

Can't readdd myyyy...

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Lazy Days

Wanna sleep, wanna eat, wanna chill.
Coz babe it's just a lazy day.
Wanna kick back and watch Doc Phil.
Coz babe it's just a lazy day.
Wanna lounge and jam like this.
Coz babe it's just a lazy day,
And we aint poppin' Krys' today.
Babe it's just a lazy day...

- Shamz Le Roc, 'Lazy Days' 2009 (c)

haha, Yes a quick plug of my own.
Taken from my song 'Lazy Days', which you may have had a listen to (it's the track on my Myspace)

It's crazy for me, most Sundays I just always get in this nonchalont mood where I drag my feet and feel to take it easy. It's bad I know, but hey, I just think it's something in the Sunday air. LOL.

*HUFFS* But today I shall be fighting this feeling.

But yea back to the track. It was produced by the oh so dope, Seattle residents 'Kream Team'. They've actually produced most of my E.P. They are two talented guys.

I've received some good feedback off the track, that I actually wasnt expecting, it's really blowing me away! Although I must say, I'm not a rapper. It was just something I tried out. I heard the beat and loved it but my mind wasn't tellin' me to sing on it. None the less, I had an idea for it, so I thought fugg it. Go for it. The end result is what you hear.

If you havent, please do check it out

Or I'm gonna STOMP YOU OUT!!


Saturday, 4 April 2009

White girls get weaves too!

Here's proof!

This is Helena, proudly standing for what she believes in! HAIR EXTENSIONS! LOL
Kidding, but if you would like to see more photography of this sort then check out

Friday, 3 April 2009


Remember that iconic piece M.I.A wore on the night of the Grammys?

Thank Manish Arora!
I think his designs are fire, seriously, aesthetically he leaves nothing to the imagination. He just giveS you everything on a plate. And does a freaking good job at it!

Tell me those shoes dont make you wanna dribble!
A/W 09-10

S/S 09

S/S 09
The ballerina style lace ups. Bad ass!

And yes the bottom part spins.

This one's my favourite. The neck, dope!

P.S I dont know what in world is up with my layout. I tried to jigg it a lil' the other day, to stop the images from cutting off and then a circus broke loose. So I clicked the restart button, like you do when you mess up and it brought it back to this ol' thang. *Sigh* But I'll work with it for the time being.


Wednesday, 1 April 2009

You're Turning Me On!

Don't you just love Youtube?

Check the chest pop!