Thursday, 21 May 2009

A picture speaks a thousand words!

They truthfully do.

Remember my friend Mike Schreiber I told ya'll about?
Well, he's having a photo exhibition down @ 139 west, 14st until friday, showcasing all the DOPE pictures he's taken.
Ranging from Nas, Common, Biggies Mom, Beanie Segal and many more! It's definitely something you have to check out!!

This is Mike...

This is Mike and I

You can also see a sneak pic of his pictures. His portfolio is CRAZY! With over 12 years of experiences, ya can't fugg with that homie!! haha

I've also been papped by the one and only TONE!!!!

and again...

My homie Melodeck on the left has the perfect pose. On some model vibe. Look how his head and arm is an exact right angle. Ok am I getting carried away?.. Damn!

But yes. My time is closing in upon me. With a mere 5 days left. UGHHH. What to do what do!!
America seems like the land for everything... Well this store has an exception.

Whats the problem with the picture you ask? WELL. There aint no fuggin' Cheetos. They had no branded crisps (potato chips). No Lays, No Doritos. Nothing! Just a bunch of bargain bucket crisps. UGHH!
I dunno man, I just dunno.

None the less. Oh yes. My tees will be out on the 28TH May!!!
Heres a sneak peak at a special edition one

N im out!! peaceeeeeee

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