Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Have a baby by me baby...


Sick. ass. remix.
I Love this dudes production

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

LADY GAGA - before the record deal

I hate it when people say, 'she never used to be like that, ever since she got a lil doe she changed'.
Well, newsflash baby! Through your years you progress!! If you was to stay the same all your life then you'd be one stagnant ass bitch!!

She's still a good like live singer :)
Do ya thang mama

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Dont see it as a clothing collection...

"Don't think of this collection as clothing, but rather as shoes that, instead of stopping at your ankle or thigh, continue up your body".
Nadia Napreychikov


I just cant take it.
This is just...
I'm sorry bear with me whilst I find words to describe it...

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Now thats how you let the beat build...


Nyle "Let The Beat Build" from Nyle on Vimeo.

Nyle EmersonThis dude is friggin awesome.
He did this in one take.

Spotted heren

Paranormal Activity

This movie looks rather scary.

They made this movie with a mere $15,000 dollar budget! That's peanuts!
I'm loving their marketing strategy though.
In order to get the movie released worldwide, the movie has to be demanded 1 million times. There already at 400,000.

It's definitely reachable.

Lets help them get there!

You're such a STUD MUFFIN you are!

Long time no blog.

Haha. Yes but anyway.

Everything's going good. I go back to uni next week, I'll be starting my new course 'Commercial Music' BA. I'm actually rather excited. :)

I stay smiling every day.

Things are picking up.

So I'm looking like this most days.

That's me minus the 16 inch weave. I felt kinda naked actually. LOL.


Take some boots. PLUS

and studs



The boots took me about 2.5 hours.
My thumbs were KILLING me after. The pressure from the pyramid of the stud was immense!

The top, an hour and a half. It was a typical situation. I had nothing to wear So I copped that top for a £1 from Upton Park market and studded away.

Here's a close up...

I actually did these two a while back. It's just I haven't blogged since Mufasa died, so I'm showing you guys realllly late. But I'm glad I can share it with you all now. :)

I've fallen into this hurrendous habit where I make shit a few hours before I go out. I dunno what it is. It's reallllly bad as it usually causes me to be late to wherever I'm going. :( but a :) at the same time.

I just cant help but express myself and save those pounds whilst doing so. haha

Music wise. I've put up 'DROP IT LOW' the original and REMIX for free download.



Random, yes. BUT here's pic of me without make up. Looking like a Jamaican picknee called Marcia.

I AM ALSO DELIGHTED TO ANNOUNCE THAT I am back in studio, working on a mini project. It won't be out till Jan/Feb 2010. But I've decided I wanted to take my time with it and do it right. But I will deliver :)


So yes. My game face is on.

Yeaaa thats my game face. Kinda mean looking isnt it?

Till next time people! MWAHH x

and twitter me if you havent already