Sunday, 20 June 2010

Taking the piss, like a urinal...

Me? Some could say I am. If you did. I'd agree!
My blogging hasn't been up to par lately! In fact, its just a par. I apologize.

It's been nuts the past few months.
So I have this new party I throw, every second Wednesday of the month. It's called ... wait for it

wait a little more

It's my baby. A chung ting buff baby. lol.

It's sponsored by WESC.COM (Check them out, they make bad boy clothes and headphones)

Who make the sleekest watches!
I'm totally stoked to be working with such dope brands...

So we had our launch June 9th, it was RAM UP, over 270 people came down to jizz their pants. Dj's like Spyro, Motive, Work It Girls, The White Kids Complex and Hyperfrank graced our decks! Also a new comer in the game that you NEED to watch out for, DJ DETOX. Here's a couple flicks

Well, 'a couple' means two anyway...

So next one it,s going down, JULY 14TH. Line up TBA! Im super excited already. CUM GET WET! :-/ huh?


Yea, basically I've just been doing my same ol' ish.
With THE CUT I'm still the music editor over there, issue 6 coming out soon. Doctor P, The XX, G FRESH and more!!

Music wise, it's been on pause, ever since my Dad passed late December, my vision became blurry. But I'm back in full effect now. So yea. Mix tape coming soon, I feel like i've been sayin this for a year. I probably have. SMEH! It's gonna be great. Your gonna like it. I like it. Well of course I do, it's my muisc. But STILL. I know your Nan, Gertrude and Aunt Bertha will like it... Ermmm

Maybe I'm waffling?

Here's a pic of me. Just in case you forgot what being 4'11, an East Londoner an FA-BO-LO-US (rap it like the rapper Fabolous does) looked like

My Mumma says im purdyyy *country accent*

Yea anyway. Hopefully I'll be back soon, I wont make any promises though.
To be honest I'm not just gonna blog lil things, that dont really matter, to make myself look important, in order to stay current and gain popularity or whatever. Thats AIRRR like Precious passing wind.

I'm 20

I'm not a superstar... YET

I'm in the same shoes as most other 20 year olds out there.

I don't have a job, as in retail.

I'm just here

Trying to make my parents proud. (R.I.P Daddy)

The days on whether I cared if you thought I was cool or not are looooonggg gone!

I'm not on that. Sometimes when you've gone so far, you realize little ish like that DOES NOT MATTER.

I'm here with my friends :) and my Haribo Tangfastics screaming FUCKKKKK THEEE WORLDDD

I'm here to live my life! If you're judging me, thank you for watching. Would you like some sweet or salty popcorn?

Until next time folks...