Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Chris Brown Indigo 02 Review

The heart of Greenwich saw the gathering of 2000 prepped and glammed teenage girls for no other than the heart throbbing, Chris Brown. Performing at the 'more intimiate' Indigo 02 the 30 minute wait instigated roars and chants demanding for the Tappahonuk born singer.

Finally hitting the stage performing the smash hit 'Run it', the frantic hands appeared and the screams seemed endless as the smooth dancer glided from wall to wall. Performing tracks off the his first self titled album, Chris tranced all females whilst touching the crowd mirroring a old school Jodeci concert.

Supplements from the upcoming sophmore album, 'Exclusive', kept the Chris fiends addicted with a little 'Kiss Kiss' and a few slow motion grinds from 'Wall to Wall'. The crowd even received the first ever live performance of third single 'With You', which seemed to resemble Beyonce's 'Irreplaceable' yet still had an overwhelming response from the audience. Mr Brown also implemented a quick mash up bringing his brother Mijo on stage as they flaunted their krumping skills

Overall, His 40minute performance was no less than phenomenal, there's only one 18 year old boy who could cause absolute pandemonium whilst attracting over 100 types of hair weaves.