Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Welcome Back!!!

Well, I'm welcoming myself back.
To London that is.
I've been back for a few days now...
I want to be BACK in New York though.

But that wont happen to End of August, hopefully...

Newho... My time there was amazing. From the people I met, to sights I saw. I am in AWE with New York (as you may have figured out already).

Heres a few flicks of my most memorable times in N.Y.
P.s If your pics here you either mean so much to me! Or made my trip a lot more fun whilst I was here!


The first night I touched down in New York. We went straight to the club.

Shoe game!!!! Shamz n Bonnie's shoe murrrrfuggin' game!

Toni, Janine and I! "What's the bitches name?!"

My first EVER performance! Sway, 305.

Tone - freakin' awesome photographer! Check his site

On the way home. Don't ask...

Gabriel! I love this ninja turdel!! Lets goooo darling!!


A beautiful day on Bleecker.

OMFGRMOITC (Oh My fuggin' Gawd, Roll Me Over In The Clover!) It's CHRIS BROWN!!

This Barbeque was funny! Hot Dog anyone?

Shoe game part two! Murrrfuggin' shoe game!! haha.

Karni n Drew. Aww they were some cool guys!

Aire! She's the future of Make UP! PERIOD! No questions!!!! xxx

The Last night in New York performing at Moomia.

NEW YORK! NEW YORK!! We most DEFINITELY had some fun times. I can't wait to see you again!! In the meantime it's


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