Saturday, 6 June 2009


There's alot going on!

So I'm performing @ Scala, Kings Cross next week Friday.
It's my first EVER U.K performance, and I'll have my Poodle Puff Girls (backing dancers) with me. It's a lil crazy I did 3 perfomances abroad before I performed in my own HOME TOWN! Nutz! None the less I'm excited!

Early bird tickets are £6
You can purchase them online HERE

I'd love to see you!!

Remember the PROMO video I told you guys about, around a month ago?
Well they've been out for a month now. I've just been so consumed with stuff to do I havent had a chance to blog. Crazy Alie?! It's no excuse I know!

So, originally it was meant to be one long promo video, but after it was edited it durated for about 5mins. Scrap that, I thought. Lets chop em up. Give it more of an advert feel.

Poodles, Music & Success (teaser video)

Lazy Days

I've been extremely overwhelmed with the response I'm getting from Lazy Days. :) But I must warn you garns. I'm hardly a rapper. But none the less I have some great things in store for you off my up and coming projects.

It started out as 'E,P' but the material is actually getting quite heavy, so now it might just have to be an album. HRMMMMMM?! Either way, the first official studio effort will still be called 'Poodles, Music & Success'.

About a month back, I recorded a freestyle, when I was slightly intoxicated at studio. I'm not promoting alcoholism but it is what it is. Anyway ch-ch-check it out!


and last but not least!
MY TEES ARE HERE!!! Cop yours now! £15!!!



Thats all for now people!xx


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