Sunday, 5 April 2009

Lazy Days

Wanna sleep, wanna eat, wanna chill.
Coz babe it's just a lazy day.
Wanna kick back and watch Doc Phil.
Coz babe it's just a lazy day.
Wanna lounge and jam like this.
Coz babe it's just a lazy day,
And we aint poppin' Krys' today.
Babe it's just a lazy day...

- Shamz Le Roc, 'Lazy Days' 2009 (c)

haha, Yes a quick plug of my own.
Taken from my song 'Lazy Days', which you may have had a listen to (it's the track on my Myspace)

It's crazy for me, most Sundays I just always get in this nonchalont mood where I drag my feet and feel to take it easy. It's bad I know, but hey, I just think it's something in the Sunday air. LOL.

*HUFFS* But today I shall be fighting this feeling.

But yea back to the track. It was produced by the oh so dope, Seattle residents 'Kream Team'. They've actually produced most of my E.P. They are two talented guys.

I've received some good feedback off the track, that I actually wasnt expecting, it's really blowing me away! Although I must say, I'm not a rapper. It was just something I tried out. I heard the beat and loved it but my mind wasn't tellin' me to sing on it. None the less, I had an idea for it, so I thought fugg it. Go for it. The end result is what you hear.

If you havent, please do check it out

Or I'm gonna STOMP YOU OUT!!


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