Monday, 6 April 2009

"I loveeeee a man who can whine"

Hrmmmm. Yes but no but.
LOL No really. I most definitely love boys with rhythm you know.
A guy who can two step, pop/lock, krump, clown, so longs as he doesn't look like he's going to drown. It's all good by me.

But it seems since this Chris Brown, 'Take You Down' video, there's been a new phenomenon of male belly dancers. Yes, I said belly dancers! Sounds absurd. But really. I dunno.

By all means express yourself, whine, do your thing... But... Damn, I'm lost for words. Ok watch this and tell me how you feel

the guy @ 0.40 secs, tell me he doesn't look like a newly born Terodactyl or some ish...

Hrmmm. I mean I love a dude that can dance. But this ... this... hrmm....

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dam i dont know if I should be turned on or disturb!