Thursday, 4 March 2010

Chiddy Chiddy BANG BANGG! again??

So soon?

they came back over to London to rawk it out and promote their E.P
We met up again of course!
I hooked up with my homies @ Mash Clothing for an video in-store performance (coming to you all very soon).

You can't really see him but this was our cab driver.
Can you believe he was trying to read the paper whilst he was meant to be driving?
#wheretheydothatat? oh yea...
in places where they CRASH!..

waittt a riddiggy second... isn't he also checking his blackberry here?
DAYUM haha

Xaphoon and I in the back. I look like an old granny called Marcia here, but at least Xaphoon looks cute! lol

Chiddy n Xaphoon walking down Oxford Street...
You're probably thinking, where was I?! (in terms of yourself) Yea, where was ya?

Chiddy dislikes taking pics... blah. So I had to sneak a few of him haha.

This is me with my uncombed fringe/bang. EUGGRH
I look like a 12 year old. SMH

N Chiddy n Noah gettin' it innnn.

Shout out to the Mash store (on Oxford Street), Kish, Leila and Jack for all making it happen. I also wanna congratulate Chiddy and Xaphoon on their number 12 spot in the U.K charts!


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