Friday, 25 July 2008

Lovebox Weekender Day 2

Well hello there.
Last Sunday saw the second day of Groove Armada's own festival, 'The Lovebox Weekender'. I was able to get down there and have a lil spy on what was goin' on. Now to be honest, LoveBox isn't really my style, but HEY! Press entry, I'm not complaining. I felt something like a penis in a girls locker room, except the other people weren't that happy to see me. LOL None the less it was an experience.

Here's some pictures. I'll post some more later...

Ya dun know


Sick graffiti - there was a lil exhibition going on there.

Skater show, that was cool

Momo beggin' the picture

This place was like a rave in a tree house

I had to buss a move

But yea, That's how the day went down. I don't have anything else to say so I'm just gonna say


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