Thursday, 21 February 2008

People don't dance no more!

As once said by Emcee Kano, I'm not too sure whether I agree though. All I can say is, if they were dancing like this back in the days, it's most definitely better that we don't!

(pay close attention to the killer skanks made by the female @ 1.03)

Now do as I do everybody, bend ya knees and put your gun fingers in the air!


Elijah said...

Safe Shamz make sure u reach Bread on saturday, people will be drinking skanking and gun fingerin!

Placa de Vídeo said...

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Anonymous said...

i like how the white people tried to get down with the groove. !LOL! it was not going for anyone in this video hehe! talent

Ella said...

lol @ the 'killer skank' now that's a move