Friday, 15 February 2008

Bashy the Black Boy

An interesting conversation with Bashy....

SLR: So how did you come up with the name Bashy?
BASHY: Ahh here we go
[squeaky voice]I know you're thinking well it's like a shit name like...
Na I just wanna know
Is it even in the book?
Yea it is,
No don't lie!
It’s says name origination; Bashy.
Ooo ok cool, I thought it was a bit of a personal one. Ok BOOM! I'm Bashy blood. My name's Ashley init. I hate telling this story. SO, everyone in my family used to call me Ash Bash init. Then when I got older I was like no more Ash Bash, then my cousin was like, 'Bashy, you think you're Bashy'. So I was like, 'Yea I am Bashy... Bashy?' So boom now, I've grown up in a Jamaican household, I'm half Jamaican half Dominican. So I'm Jamaica it's like, 'Yo, ya dun know. Everytin's bashy. Ya zi mi?' It's just a mix of loads of things. So that's how that came about.
So as you know you just had 'Black Boys' out and certain people were trying to call it racist, how did you go about or around that? Like what happened with it?
Well the truth always comes out init. I knew it wasn't racist from the get go, so never in my mind, did I think, 'Oh I'm gonna put this out, people are going to think it's racist'. I didn't have that feeling init. So when it went out, I think it was a few individuals. It didn't really bother me. And how I went about it, was kind of, I just put it out for everyone to see and let people discuss it, you get what Im saying. Obviously the truth usually comes out and it did.
You got any hobbies apart from music? Like sewing or anything?
Urmm, yea. Crochet. [laughs] You know what I like doing? I like watching movies films, reading. I like reading, I never used to love reading, I used to love reading and then I kinda got lost and now I'm back on my reading. So I just like reading, I'm addicted to YouTube, addicted to my myspace, going to the gym when I can find time. But movies are definately me. I love it.
Do you think Grime is dead?
Hellllllll no. It's not dead, course not.

Can it ever die?
Na man, it can't die. It's just like for me I do Grime as well init. I do loadsa other things, so as long as I don't die and there's other people like myself alive. Music can't die. I think people get it twisted, like Grime is different from music. Grime is music, music is never gonna die. Music is from millions of years ago with people banging on whatever they was banging on with their bare hands and bare feet. Ya get what I'm saying? Music can never die so grime can't die therefore.
Recently I've been hearing of this little feud with Aggro…
Ahh take that out, it's not even worth talking about. You must of been on my myspace recently or something.
Ok cool, next question
Whats with the lollipop?
I'm addicted to lollipops. You see like how people have little their vices? Some people smoke, some people drink. I just eat the lollipops

Here’s where I start to get a lil bit cheeky
So obviously you have this reputation as a ladies man.

Do I? Someone else says this init?
Yea if you ask any girl, they're going to comment on your face and stuff like that
[Bashy makes a strange blubber sound] Not even bars...
Yea well the females tend to focus on other things. So, does Bashy have groupies?
Na Bashy doesn't have groupies?
Is Bashy lieing?
Na Bashy can't have groupies man. I have supporters.
So you dont have any females that are like [high squeaky hoe-ish voice] 'ahhh yea mann'.
They support the music
They just support the music?
[laughs] They support the music and I'm happy for them to support the music.
Do you have any children?
Do I have any children? Nooo no children.
No baby mother?
No baby mother, I don't believe in that. I will have a mother of my child.
Are you thinking of kids anytime soon?
Noooo, no time soon man. These are wild questions off the cuff, you lot are freestyling like MC'S. [laughs] No children at all, I'm thinking more 29/30
And you are how old now?
So if you accidentally...
No, there's no accidents out here. I don't sleep with my groupies.
So now you have groupies?
I'm saying artists have groupies, I don't have groupies.
Ohhh OK then.
You lot want to pick me out init, you lot want me to say, 'Ahhh I got groupies'. Na, I just don't do things like that init. Man like me, I'm single init but I'm easy.
Ok do you have any inspirational words for youths that wanna get into music
Have a rags to riches state of mind.
So just keep reaching for it?
Yea man, ya get what Im saying. Have a rags to riches state of mind. People forget you can go from nothing to something, ya get what I'm saying? A lot of people... There's a few people who have absolutely nothing, everyones got a little something. So if you think you can go from nothing to something, imagine you got a little bit of something, you can go all the way man.

Bashy Myspace
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Cath. said...

lol.. that was quite amusing=]

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