Sunday, 29 March 2009

Shedding my skin

Out with the old and in the with NU NUUUU!

Ok so it's be a while and I've just been pondering about certain things. As everyone knows, I currently take Journalism at university, which I've struggled to maintain interest in. Attending lectures was a problem, completing assignements, PROBLEM. Everything just began to shatter. Especially in the last two months.

I'm currently at work on my new E.P. 'Poodles Music and Success' it's going soooo well. You can check out one of the songs to be featured on my Myspace Anyway my love and adoration for music has multiplied beyond measure and I want my brain to swell, explode and ooze everything music related. THEREFORE I HAVE DECIDED next year I will be taking Commerical Music. As my future career lies within music I want to know EVERYTHING, the INS, OUTS and ALL ABOUTS!

It's in my brain, its my body, its all around me.
It's time.

Now I can smile again, like how I did before...

p.s NEW YORK WHERE YA'LL AT? I'm back 7th May for 3 weeks!

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Brooklyn Royale said...

Checked Out yur music & I luv it! Much respect.. Looking forward to hearing yur EP & it getting around NY!