Monday, 12 January 2009

5 things I love about NY

10th January 08 saw the return of Miss Shamz Le Roc to London.
It's strange. I feel like I've left home and come back to a strange island. Dont get me wrong I'm all for my country but the US, there's just something about it.
Perhap's its

1) The courteousness of everyone. - I paid the cashier and she replied, "Thank you Ma'am, have a nice day." I was confused like, was she really talking to me?

2) The free spirit of everyone - Bonnie and I boarded the metro (train) and just to our advantage was a decent band singing their songs whilst playing instruments.

3) The lights. Times square is on a different level, I'm sorry Picadilly Circus, like Kanye says "YOU LOOSE!!" You just can't compare.

4) All American diners. Can you say Johnny Rockets? (google it)

5) Last but not least, the guys. "Excuse me lady, can I talk to you for a minute please." That was certainly a breath of fresh air to the usual "OI CHOONG TING, MAN TINKS YOUR CHOONG, COME CHAT TO ME!"

N.Y.C I heart you.
Therefore await my return. April 09.
Lets do this.


(p.s pics soon come)

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