Monday, 25 August 2008

Herve Leger's inspiration

By now you must have seen the Herve Leger bandage style dress. He's had everyone from Lindsay Lohan to Kelly Rowland rockin' his stuff. His stuff is hotter than dumplings out of my Mum's frying pot.

I often wonder, what inspires fashion designers? Some have that flare, you know, that eye for fashion. And others well take inspiration from the unexpected.

Come on, you must be able to see where I'm coming from?!

p.s Happy Bank Holiday.
I'm off to shake my 'tail feather' @ the Choice Fm Carnival afterparty tonight


danDan said...

omgosh! is that official inspiration or something you noticed while intoxicated :D , which ever that made me smile and hop to it writing a comment!


Godfrey said...

how was the choice fm rave ??

i didnt even know about the dress b4 Lol

chinkii™ said...

ooo shizzle.. i just saw that dress on christina millian... not in real life though :[

i forgot who it was by.. but the straps were like alligator
very chic indeed xD

Shamz Le Roc said...

Dan Dan, I was in a perfect state of mind thank you very much. :P I was watching Tigger N friends with my lil godsister the other day and clocked it. x

Godfrey, choice fm rave was SICK!

Ohhhh, I know what dress your on about chinkii. It was on the other day wasn't it?!

chinkii™ said...

nah lol not concrete umm the ybf