Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Javine the slag?!

There Jamelia's words, not mine.

So the other day, a friend recommends I watch 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' featuring Jamelia and Lilly Allen, so I can catch Lilly 'diss' the Beyonce wannabe. Out of pure boredom, I get hold of this footage.

(forward to about 7.20mins)

Kind of hard hitting when you think about it, alie? Ok, by now everyone must of heard about the lil' fan-dangle between Harvey, Javine and Alesha, briefly at least. It wasn't really put out there that much, to my knowledge anyway, since they're d-list 'stars'. Yet Jamelia wastes no time in calling out Javine. Poor Javine, how dare the horsefaced Beyonce wannabe say such a thing. I'm not in anyway sticking up for Javine or empathizing with her actions. BUT, JAMELIA SHUT UP, your no 'superstar' and I don't and REFUSE to see anything in your eyes accept for sleep crust. UGH.

P.S Amerie posters are still up for grabs.


Anonymous said...

Jamelia was out WAY before Beyonce. Check yourself.

Anonymous said...

Jamelia was out, strutting the stage WAY before Beyonce.... besides I have way more respect and admiration for Jamelia. Showing love for the dark-skinned sistas.

Horrorguts Uncle Fester Biggs said...

Destiny's child first debut;
'Killing Time' 1997

Jamelia's cruddy first single;
'Money' 1999

Skin tone has nothing to do with it, either way Beyonce is a women of black orientation. Flavor Flav is a dark skinned brother, would you like to show him some love too?